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Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the Interior

Before you begin: Remove the floor mats and ash trays. Remove contents from the visor, console, side pockets, trunk area and glove box. If you have a compressor, blow out dust in hard to reach places. Then, vacuum the entire interior. 

Cleaning the trunk area: Vacuum the carpeting or floor covering with a shop vac. Repaint the trunk if needed. Paint the jack and lug wrench with Burford's® Black Engine Paint. Clean carpets with 10:1 solution of C-49 Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner. Use AVC Vinyl and Carpet Dyes to cover stains and heavily soiled areas. Clean and dress the spare tire with S-81 Wipe-On™ Vinyl Dressing. Replace everything in the trunk.

Cleaning the upholstery: Treat fabric with C-49 Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner, diluted 5:1 with water for heavy cleaning, 10:1 for normal cleaning and 30:1 as a general cleaner. If you have a soil extractor, use it with C-49 Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner at a 30:1 solution. Stronger for heavier cleaning. Product should be added to solution tank after proper dilution. Use extractor as directed by the manufacturer. C-49 also works well by hand with a brush. For more foaming action, use C-54 Upholstery Cleaner concentrate, diluted up to 9:1 with water. If any heavy duty spot cleaning is necessary, use C-28-Q Seat Belt Cleaner & Spot Remover. If a solvent cleaner is necessary use C-61 PRO®-Sol Always use spotters in a blotting type action to prevent spreading of the stain.

Cleaning the headliner and accessories: To clean the headliner, use AHF-400 Aerosol Fabric Cleaner. It is a high foaming cleaner that keeps the headliner from becoming oversaturated with water and soap.

Using C-49 Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner, clean all the vinyl and rubber surfaces of the interior. Use a 5:1 solution for heavy cleaning, 10:1 for normal cleaning and 30:1 as a general cleaner. Light agitation with a brush will loosen stubborn dirt.
Next, clean the seat belts with C-28-Q Seat Belt Cleaner & Spot Remover.

Cleaning the carpets and floor mats: Worn or faded carpets can be restored quickly using Burford's® AVC Vinyl & Carpet Dyes. These dyes are available in 22 factory colors. Check your PRO® Catalog for colors. Clean floor mats by vacuuming first, then use C-49 Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner with an applicator or brush to remove soil. If the mats are vinyl, also use C-49 to clean them and then replace them in the vehicle.

Now is the time to clean all air vents. ARD-472 PRO®-Shine can be used to dress these areas.
Next, use S-81 Wipe-On Vinyl Dressing to dress all areas that require treating. Clean the mirrors and all the inside windows using either C-13 Glass Gleam, C-65 Glass Cleaner or AGC-18 Aerosol Glass Cleaner. If any upholstery or carpeting is still damp, leave the doors open to dry.

Cleaning leather interiors: Two great products to use on leather are C-12 Leather Cleaner and S-44 Leather Lotion. Using both of these products will ensure a clean leather finish treated with care. Neutral ph balanced leather care is necessary to clean, but not dry out, leather. S-44 Leather Lotion has perfectly balanced ingredients to make leather supple and will not cause the surface to be slick. Long life is gained with each application and the results are visually outstanding.

Finishing Touch: Apply F-58 Sea Breeze Air Freshener. If heavy odors persist, use S-42 Odor Nox for total elimination of offensive odors.

Tips to remember: Never apply dressing to the steering wheel, brake, clutch or accelerator pedals. They can become slippery.

DO NOT use solvent dressings on the interior. Any water base dressing can safely be used when detailing the interior of a vehicle.

When washing windows on the interior, wipe in an up and down motion. On the exterior, wipe side to side. This will allow you to locate missed streaks, spots and marks by the direction of the smear.

Never use vinyl or rubber dressings of any kind on leather. It will cause drying and make the seats slippery.

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