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Conventional Paint Finish Compounding, Polishing & Finishing

Conventional Paint Finish Compounding, Polishing & Finishing


Stage I: Heavy oxidation and/or deep scratches
Stage II: Mild oxidation and/or scratches
Stage III: No oxidation - No scratches

The Conventional Paint Finish

When dealing with a conventional finish, you will want to apply the least amount of compounding as is necessary. You will determine which step to begin with by the stage it is in. (e.g.: A Stage I finish starts with Step 1: Compounding, followed by Steps 2 and 3. A Stage II finish starts with Step 2 followed by Step 3.)

Using a high speed buffer with a wool pad use P-27 Ultimate Cutter & Scratch Remover as your first choice. This product will be sufficient most of the time. If the finish is really bad, go with P-15 Heavy Duty Machine Cleaner. The abrasives are more aggressive and should flatten and clean most oxidation and scratch problems. Be careful with this compound. If you are not getting out the oxidation or eliminating the scratches after a few passes, you will have to live with these results. It is better to quit with some scratches remaining then to go all the way through to the primer. Once you are satisfied with the first step results you can go on to Step 2.

P-33 Troubleshooter® is our first choice for polishing colors and metallics due to many years of fabulous results using this high end product. P-40 Duz-All™, P-41 Super Acid Rain Remover and P-21 Swirl Eliminator & Polish are very good alternative products. Use a high speed buffer with a wool pad in this step. You will see how smooth the finish starts looking in just a few passes. When you have a good looking and smooth feeling finish, it is time for your next step.

When using a final finish product you want to primarily look for a product that will last quite a while. We have numerous products formulated for longevity. : For the longest lasting high gloss finish and durable protection, we recommend a polymer sealant, such as P-39 Polymer II™ with Teflon™ or P-73 Profection™ for that "wet look". Polymer II™ has more cleaning ability than Profection™. Both will last up to 6 months or more.
NOTE: Never apply wax before applying a sealant. Wax will inhibit the performance and protection of the paint sealant. That is why it is important to follow these steps as presented here to be certain the surface is thoroughly cleaned.For a long lasting finish wax, P-35 Satin Creme™, P-36 Cherry Finish Wax™ or W-41 Yellow Wax™ Paste. These products do very little cleaning and require a pre-wax cleaner.For a one-step cleaner wax, P-34 PROGold®, P-57 Miracle Wax™ Cream or P-79 Quickor™. These products contain a micro abrasive that will clean and condition the surface, while laying down a durable, high gloss shine. Can be used as a one-step product or can be applied after the compounding and/or polishing stage. Any of the above products will leave the vehicle with an outstanding gloss that will offer consistent protection and last a considerable amount of time. It depends on the condition that your paint is in and the amount of steps you want to do to achieve the desired result.

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