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Formulated for use in automatic car washes before the final rinse. Helps water bead, separate and sheet off vehicle for faster drying with less towel off time. Helps helps reduce water spotting while enhancing shine and gloss. Highly concentrated (2400-to-1) for economy. Low viscosity formula is designed to be metered through an automatic dilution/proportioner system. Dilutes easily in all metered applications such as HydroMinders, DEMA's, ARO, Flo-Jet and Blue White Pump systems. Works great in all types of friction operations; tunnel and in-bay automatics, roll-overs and self-serve pressure applications. Direct Injection: 2-4 ml. per vehicle. Final Dilution: 2400:1. Available in 5 gallon sizes. VOC COMPLIANT. Meets CARB/OTC Regulations.


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