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Compounding, Polishing & Finishing

Compounding, Polishing & Finishing


Stage I: Heavy oxidation and/or deep scratches
Stage II: Mild oxidation and/or scratches
Stage III: No oxidation - No scratches

The Clearcoat Paint Finish

When dealing with a clearcoat, you will want to apply the least amount of compounding as is necessary. You will determine which step to begin with by the stage it is in. (e.g.: A Stage I finish starts with Step 1: Compounding, followed by Steps 2 and 3. A Stage II finish starts with Step 2 followed by Step 3.)

Use P-26 Clear Cut™, P-40 Duz-All™ or P-41 Super Acid Rain Remover. Any of these three products are gentle enough for any finish yet strong enough to remove the problem. Use with a wool pad and a high speed buffer at 1800 RPM. Use pad flat untill a smooth surface appears.

Use P-31 #1 Polish, P-21 Swirl Eliminator & Polish, P-33 Troubleshooter™. Other products that can be used in the PRO® Line are: P-34 PROGold™, P-47 Auto Auction Prep, P-57 Miracle Wax™ Cream. These products are sometimes called one steps. Using a high sped buffer and foam pad will serve you best. Orbital and hand use are also acceptable.

When using a final finish product you want to primarily look for a product that will last quite a while. We have numerous products formulated for longevity and here are a few: P-34 PROGold™, P-39 Polymer II™ Paint Sealant (longest), P-73 Profection™ (longest), P-79 Quickor™ (wet look) and P-35 Satin Creme, W-41 Yellow Wax™ Paste, the finest in the world. Any of the above products will leave the vehicle with an outstanding gloss that will offer consistent protection and last a considerable amount of time.