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32 oz. handi-hold, round bottle. High density polyethylene (HDPE) with printed PRO® logo, GHS hazard pictogram/signal word check off. Area for product identifier/stock number. Oz./ml. scale. 28/400 neck fits standard trigger sprayers. Translucent w/red silkscreen.

Secondary containers usually hold chemicals that are transferred from a primary container such as a gallon, 5 gallon cube or 55 gallon drum. If a chemical is supplied to the workplace with a GHS label, it must be maintained. If the chemical is transferred to a secondary container, such as a spray bottle that stays in the workplace, employers must label it with information from the original GHS shipping label or safety data sheet (SDS). Employers have the option to create their own workplace labels by using all of the information provided by the manufacturer or using a combination of the elements specific to the hazards of the chemicals.

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