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BAF Industries was founded in 1935 by Jack W. Burford. PRO® is the professional division of BAF Industries, headquartered in Tustin, California with another facility in Florence, Kentucky.

BugattiWith over 300 professional distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico,Caribbean, Middle East, Europe and the Pacific Rim, BAF Industries has become one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. For more than 70 years, BAF Industries has been manufacturing and distributing PRO® Products to automotive dealerships, detail shops, car washes, auto auctions and body shops. Unlike other automotive appearance product companies, BAF Industries manufactures all of our own products. A leader in the industry, we are the only company of its kind that makes waxes, polishes, compounds, paints, cleaners, buffing pads and paste waxes in our own facilities.

PRO®'s Distributor Network provides full service, both domestically and internationally. Each PRO® Distributor is a trained car care expert. He knows exactly how PRO® Products work and how they are best applied. BAF's technical and communication departments, keep PRO® Distributors informed of the latest industry technology. It is this professional approach that keeps PRO® Distributors well informed and up to date on all aspects of automotive finishes.Quality is the foundation on which we have built our business. Maintaining a high standard of quality since 1935 has given BAF Industries our reputation as the leading manufacturer in the car care industry today. At BAF, a full time research and development staff of experienced chemists devote themselves to producing "state of the art" car care products. We have control over quality and price because we make all of our own products. By manufacturing the complete PRO® line, we can deliver the most consistent quality of professional car care products available today. It is no surprise that more professionals use PRO® Products than any others.

In fact, it was PRO® Products that was trusted to wax the most expensive car in the world in 1986 (1931 Bugatti Royale - $6.5 million). In addition, it was PRO® Products that were rated #1 in the industry by Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine in 1989. In this survey, professional detailers were asked to list their most frequently used product brand in five categories (compounds, polishes/waxes, dressings, shampoos and cleaners/solvents). Over 600 different car care products from numerous manufacturers were mentioned in each category. The results were the same in the 1991 Detailing Survey.

Service to the industry with worldwide distribution, is only a small part of what we offer the professional in the field. When you purchase PRO® Products, you receive instant protection because everything we offer conforms to U.S. Federal and Safety Packaging Specifications. BAF also supports each of its PRO® Distributors with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), product bulletins and product liability insurance.

Reliability in PRO® Products has been around as long as BAF Industries. You know you can always count on consistent quality. We place a user guarantee on each product with a promise of "your money back if not satisfied." Because of the superiority of PRO® Products, it is an easy promise to keep.

Quality, Service and Reliability
BAF Industries commitment to professional car care since 1935.