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P-1-Q Cut +

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Developed using the latest in high purity aluminum oxide diminishing abrasive technology. Designed for correcting heavily weathered paint, elimination of severe scratches, holograms and 1500 sanding marks with excellent gloss level. Ideal for detailers who want a smooth user experience for all paint systems (both soft and scratch-proof) and fiberglass gelcoat. Aggressiveness can also be customized based on pad selection as it is compatible with all PRO® foam and microfiber pad variations for professional results on a one-step paint correction. Durable lubrication system for an extended polishing cycle and longer working time.

Delivers excellent results on dark colors, high finishing clarity with minimal dusting and easy wipe off. Best performance if used with random orbital and gear-driven
tools to achieve perfect combination of speed and gloss. Leaves a true, brilliant final result without fillers.

  • Body Shop Safe
  • Contains No Wax or Silicone
  • Phosphate-Free
  • Npe-Free
  • VOC Compliant