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Annihilate Iron Contamination! With the PRO® IRON DECON KIT, iron contaminants will be eliminated. This incredible, money-saving kit will provide you with all the tools and products necessary to ensure you can experience the power of PRO® Reactive! PRO® Reactive is designed to change color as it removes iron deposits and brake dust from all painted finishes and wheels. After removing the iron, the PRO® Wipeout™ clay lubricant and Clay Away™ allows to clay away any remaining contaminants clinging to the painted finish. It is important to wash the car and what better way than with PRO® Whiteout™ Foam Cannon Soap. Whiteout™ drenches the vehicle in a thick, rich foam to quickly and gently wash away dirt, grime and road film. Use the super soft Dynel Wash Mitt to softly lubricate the car’s surface with a swirl free finish. The PRO® Iron Decon Kit prepares your paint for the next detailing level. After one treatment with the PRO® Iron Decon Kit, the paint will be ready for compounding, polishing, coating, and more! The PRO® Iron Decon Kit should be used before applying Synergy Ceramic Coating or any paint protection to ensure the strongest bond with the paint and the clearest finish.

Included in the Kit:

  • C-105 Clay Away™ Regular Grade
  • C-106 Clay Away™ Medium Grade
  • S-74-P WIPEOUT™

C-44-Q REACTIVE™ IRON & BRAKE DUST REMOVER is an advanced pH-balanced, non-corrosive cleaner formulated for fast and effective removal of iron deposits and brake dust from all painted finishes and steel, chrome, alloy & clear coated wheels. [More C-44-Q]

C-105 CLAY AWAY™ REGULAR GRADE is an easy to use surface conditioning & preparation bar that removes organic and inorganic contaminants from exterior paint, glass and metal surfaces. CLAY AWAY™ is completely safe, quick and easy to use. [More C-105]

C-106 CLAY AWAY™ MEDIUM GRADE is the more aggressive cousin to C-105 CLAY AWAY™. It is recommended for heavy paint overspray, paint finish roughness, fallout, acid rain deposits, rail dust, brake dust. [More C-106]

C-15-P WHITEOUT™ FOAM CANNON SOAP is a concentrated, pH balanced soap designed specifically for making exceptional levels of foam through a foam cannon for the ultimate touchless wash. The thick, rich lather allows the foam to cling to the vehicle in order to quickly and gently wash away dirt, grime and road film. [More C-15-P]

S-74 WIPEOUT™ Showroom Spray Gloss is recommended as a lubricating fluid for use with CLAY AWAY™. Safe for all types of paint finishes. For hand use. Regular grade is recommended for dark colored vehicles. This innovative spray gloss removes surface dust, fingerprints and smudges from showroom vehicles while leaving a clean glossy finish. [More S-74-P]

ML-7X9 DYNEL WASH MITT W/CUFF is a heavy duty wash mitt with cuff is made from long wearing, Lorene-Dynel synthetic fibers. The scratch proof, double faced mitt carries an abundance of water and withstands heat, gasoline and detergents. [More ML-7X9]